In private nursery "Aladdin" we admission children all year-round, subject to availability of places.


Documents required for admission:

Children are accepted by the director of the nursery. Parents submit an application accompanied by the following documents:

  • Contract for training and care
  • Copy of birth certificate of the child
  • Preventive health card completed by GP
  • Single negative test for pathogenic bacteria and intestinal parasites, made not earlier than 15 days prior to the admission of the child
  • Data from GP for immunization status
  • Medical note from your GP for lack of contact with infectious diseases
  • In the absence of the child more than 30 days in epidemic indications, a single negative test for pathogenic intestinal bacteria should be presented

Upon receipt of a child in a nursery "Aladdin" parent should bring:

  • A set with clothes for change
  • Bedroom set
  • If the child still wears a diaper - at least 10 diapers to change and pack wet wipes
  • Water bottle
  • Optional - can bring favorite toys / items from home. The existence of such a link between home and nursery will contribute to the rapid adaptation of your child, thus nursery will feel like a second home.